​Key Projects

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Project Synopsis: Nexterra was contracted to complete site preparation and mass excavation for constructing of CSO Storage Tank Facility by Newman Bros. Limited (General Contractor). Project complexities include abandonment and up-sizing of existing sanitary sewers, completed with bypass pumping of heavy sewage flows. 

St. Catharines - CSO Underground Storage Tank (2020)

St. Catharines - Niagara-on-the-Lake Trunk Watermain Interconnect  (2009-2010 )

Project Synopsis:  To integrate the Regional Niagara Trunk Watermain network and boost the Niagara District Airport water supply, the Region of Niagara contracted Nexterra, to install over 5 kilometres of 500mm and 600mm Trunk watermain.  Project sensitivities included the crossing of the St. Lawrence Seaway Canal at a depth of 15 metres, for a length of over 330 metres, by horizontal directional drilling.  Also horizontal boring under bridge abutments was necessary.  Installation of trunk watermain along Regional Road/Highway 55, required regular maintenance of traffic.

Park Street - Niagara Falls Ontario:Storm Sewer Separation-Road Reconstruction (2006)

Project Synopsis:  To renew all elements of its aging infrastructure, the City of Niagara Falls contracted Nexterra, to install new storm sewer in order to separate a combined sewer/stormsewer, to install giant box culverts and chambers, renew watermains and reinstate roadways.  Project sensitivities included installation of giant box culverts at depths of 7.5 metres between a 1500mm diameter combined sewer and gas main.  Hoe ramming of approximately 4500m3 of rock was required to install the box culverts.  Removal and reinstallation of the historic Muddy Run Sewer outfall was necessary, including the bypass pumping of sewage around-the-clock for 3 days.

Cayuga: Trunk Watermain (1995)

Project Synopsis:  To alleviate rampant well-water contamination, Nexterra extended watermain a distance of 15 kilometres, along Highway 54, from Caledonia to Cayuga, in under 200 working days.  Project sensitivities included utility conflicts, pockets of archaeological ‘digs’, and high traffic volumes.  Nexterra’s management team facilitated on-site decision-making relative to immediate system redesign, to ‘work around’ unknown design challenges.

Park Road-Grimsby Ontario: Trunk Watermain, Sanitary Sewer (1989 – 1990)

Project Synopsis:  To extend municipal servicing from Lake Ontario, across the Queen Elizabeth Highway, and up the Niagara Escarpment (elevation: 300 metres), Nexterra employed every aspect of its multi-disciplinary expertise.  Project sensitivities were adverse soil conditions (blue shale), rock excavation (blasting) and groundwater control.  Nexterra’s approach to these site challenges included the boring and jacking of steel casing to complete the installation of both trunk watermain and sanitary sewer main under the Q.E.W. right-of-way and CN Rail spur lines.