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Our Services


Infrastructure Installations: Watermain, Sewer main, Storm Sewer, Road reconstruction, Curb/Gutter, Sidewalks and Landscaping, Primary servicing of residential and commercial subdivision. Mass excavation and site preparation of Treatment Plant and Pumping Stations.


Rock Excavation:  Capabilities include hydraulic rock breaking and line-drilled controlled blasting.

Our Toolbox

To support our extensive work commitments, Nexterra deploys:

Hydraulic Excavators ranging from a 12,000 kilogram to 50,000 kilogram gross weight.
Hydraulic rubber-tire loaders ranging from 80 Horsepower to 150 Horsepower, and all attachments.
Trucking fleet, including triaxles, tractor trailers (for earth, stone and construction material haulage) 
An assortment of bulldozers, combination backhoes, compaction equipment and directional boring equipment.